2012 Columbus Day Parade & Festival Photo Gallery

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The Italian American Heritage Corporation is one of the oldest Italian American organization in the United States. It was organized on November 11, 1866 and was incorporated on December 6, 1866 it is composed of many St. Louis Italian-American Organizations, who joined together a number of years ago to ensure that there will always be a Columbus Day Parade.

The first parade was organized by the Fratellanza Society in 1867 through the effort of an Italian settlement in downtown St Louis. The parade route started downtown and terminated at the statue of Chistopher Columbus ( donated by Henry Shaw )
in Tower Park. For many years it has been held on " The Hill" .

The parade is always the highlight of the Columbus Day celebration by many Italian Organizations to promote the philosophy and culture of their heritage by participating in a Festa after the parade. The Festa is traditionally held in Berra Park.

Fallen Hero’s Dream Ride

Fallen Hero Dream Ride
This year we are honored to have the “Fallen Hero’s Dream Ride” in our parade in memory of LCpl Phillip Vinnedge.

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